Bion Wheelchair: Reasons

Below are the 10 reasons of why we need Bion wheelchair.

1. Patient who is sick, and unable to walk much or is tired if walk too much, especially for long distance.

Patient who is sick sometimes does not have the energy to walk but still wanted to go out and feel the refreshing air because staying at home is too suffocating and negative.

2. Patient who is injured temporarily

Patient who is hurt while walking required them to temporary rent a wheelchair so that their wound will heal and recover even quicker without putting so much pressure on their leg when they are walking.

3. Patient that just went through operation and required temporary wheelchair

Patient who just went through operation are advice not to move too much so that they wouldn’t tear the wounds, in which they’re recommend to get a temporary wheelchair to move them around.

4. Patient that is pregnant or has just given birth

Patient who is pregnant will sometimes had difficulties maneuvering around as they are carrying additional weight on them. They would sometimes feel fear that they might fall and have contraction which we don’t want to happen. After giving birth, they are advice not to move their pelvis as they will required to rest so that their body will recover even quicker.

5. Patient who is in Singapore Hospital for medical check up which charge way more expensive for wheelchair rental

Usually in Singapore, Hospitals would charge a higher price to patient who need them because they are within reach of patient as they are the closest and the only place they can provide wheelchair in a quick and easy way.

6. User want to go on local or overseas vacation and not sure if the wheelchairs are available at the destination

Sometimes going vacation can be tough at times when you are unable to walk for long distance and you had no idea where to get a wheelchair at those places you visit. It is also harder to find a place that provide rental services as most of the travel destination does not have wheelchair rental services when you need them.

7. Attending special occasions such as weddings

When you are attending a wedding or hosting a wedding, you want to cater your special occasions to those with special needs. A wheelchair service that can help you catering to guest/ friends/relatives or family temporary for the wedding.

8. Hotel Services

Hotels charge alot more for rental, they spike up the pricing because they are the nearest place you can find for tourist, also to earn foreigners money.

Not only that, hotels only have a few wheelchair to rent out that doesn’t allowed to be reserved as they run on “First Come First Serve” basis.

Hotels handles more of the hotel management so their wheelchair might also not be in the best condition for users

9. Hotels and Airports

Places like hotels or airport do not allow your rented wheelchair to be pushed out of the area/compound/properties.

Because it’s an airport, they are able to raise their price for the rental services to earn more from tourist.

10. Tourist attraction destination charge higher price to earn their money too.

Places like Flyers / Marina bay sands or Garden by the bay, charges their wheelchair at a much higher price to earn extra from people. Moreover, their wheelchair are also on the “First come first serve” basis and cannot be reserved as well.

When people are wheelchair bound that doesn’t mean they have to always stay in one spot. It means they have another chance to train arm strength.

Below are the other ways to use a wheelchair.

  • Practice arm strength
  • Practice wheelchair dance
  • Practice wheelchair basketball
  • Carrying grocery bag like a trolley
  • As an acting prop
  • wheelchair tutorial – teach how to use
  • To bring pet dog or cat around
  • To experience being in wheelchair for a day
  • To do social survey