Bion wheelchair is not all about looks. They not only look nice, but their functionality is also fully shown through their special feature individually. In this article. We will explain and show you why Bion wheelchairs are so different as compared to others.

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Bion sells a collection of wheelchair variance. Such as the ultralight series featuring traveller that is light enough to be used for travelling as it is small and compact enough to fit through small gaps easily.

Our detach series featuring orange colour detachable wheelchair with full-fledged functionality which includes the easily uplift armrest while the leg rest can be removed within seconds. This series of wheelchairs is best suitable for patient transference. Moreover, It can also be compacted into a smaller size. 

Our range of wheelchair had always been very bright and vibrance to spike positivity while giving hope and joy to our users. 

Throughout the years, Bion had always been providing and ensure top quality assurance to our customers. 

We made sure that all our product went through thorough checking and confirmation before we deliver great quality products.