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Head Office / Service Center

Directions from Pioneer MRT Station

Step 1:
  • Alight at Pioneer MRT Station
  • Turn left to Exit A
  • Walk down the stairs
Step 2:
  • Walk along the coffee shop till you see a Bus-Stop.
  • Take Bus 258
Step 3:
  • Take 3 stops (not counting the first stop)
  • Alight when you see the RADHA EXPORTS building.
  • Walk towards the cross junction.
Step 4:
  • Walk across the road
  • Turn right and walk straight
Step 5:
  • Keep walking straight until you see Union Steel
  • Keep walking straight
Step 6:
  • Turn in and you have reach your destination
  • Please do inform the guards at the guard house that you are coming to visit us
  • Use the cargo lift and head up to Level 2

Thank you for your journey to Bion Head office / Service Center.